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Even as a company and organisation - it is impossible to know everything and have inhouse experts for everything. Our expertice and services gives your company just that specialised extra source.


Business Services & IT

So much effort, time and money is used in companies for handling, investigation and trying to find the right setup, people and solutions on issues and areas not related to the core business and knowledge in the company.

In our Sourcing Services, each group of people have specialised in these secondary services and needs for other companies.

Our specialties keeps being developed and for now we can professionally offer to source your administration, your HR, your IT- and tele-services, your Real estate trading - and for farmers and landowners setup and manage the right Wild Life Conservation plan.

All this, handled much more professional and convinient than your company can do without the right skills and expertise:

It is impossible to know everything and have experts for everything.

Let us create more time, better procurement prices etc. for your company - so you can concentrate on what your business is really about - and for you to earn more money doing this.

 - we are even less expensive that doing it yourself - so act professional and give us a call today !

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IT & Communication Services


Tele Service


Real Estate


Wild Life Conservation


Advisory Services

   Adm. Services & Outsourcing



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