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The History of ZAMUNDA Group began -

 - more than 23 years ago, in 1984, where the first companies in what is known today as The ZAMUNDA Group began their business and co-operation across countries and branches for services and products based on the tourism industry and related export products visitors and customers to Africa and products and memories out of Africa.

Before 1992 where many parts of Africa were difficult to visit and international business was limited, the base for our company was situated in Europe, but since the independence of the States of Africa and the Constitutions delivered openly elected Government in many of the States, we have moved most of our services to Africa and works today very close with the Governments from our new Central Service and headoffice in Windhoek, the capital of Namibia.

The foundation of our business has from the beginning been based on Quality, Safety and kept Promises for both clients and business relations.

These fundamental values are still the core rule and setup for all areas and everything we do as a private company. 


Our company today operates in several business areas, covering the top quality end of the offers from Africa, and we are proud that our group comprises a list of some of the most famous brands of Africa.

In Tourism 

  • ... hunting everywhere to everything wild but safe

  • ... safari, desert and fishing tours with or without family members

  • ... adventures by 4x4 or ballooning and helicopter expeditions across the continent.

  • ... wellness centres

  • ... accommodation in the wildness and/or on the most wonderful logdes at places you only thought existed in your dreams

  • ... transportation and travellinks for all our clients and guests - anywhere to everywhere

In Production & Import/Export   

  • ... meat from the games and animals of Africa,

  • ... trophies, skins, taxidermywork and handicraft selected by the hunter or tourist and sent to the customers home address worldwide

  • ... high performance and branded boats produced primarily for export.

  • ... import and distribution of luxury goods eg. cosmetics and jewellery to the African market

In transport      

  • ... shipping and logistics - based on high quality service transport for all kind of products

In Sourcing

  • ... Business services,

  • ... outsourcing of administrative services

  • ... IT & Technology based on high quality, very high skills and unique prices and products.

In Lifestyle      

  • ... The world and lifestyle of women in Africa  - with women, for women and to women and managed by women

Social Responsibility

We take our social responsibility very seriously and has build our Care & Funding program with focus on local development and education.


Our Market

Our major markets today comes from Europe and Asia and our setup and business is to operate and offer services in all tourism safe and friendly countries at the continent of Africa.

In 2007 g our services covers these countries

  •  Namibia

  •  South Africa

  •  Botswana

  •  Zimbabwe

  •  Mozambique

  •  Tanzania

  •  Angola

  •  Zambia

  •  Egypt

  •  Tunisia

And in 2008-10 g our goal is to open and offer services in

  •  Seychelles

  •  Kenya

  •  Senegal

  •  Morocco

  •  Cameroon

  •  Chad

  •  Mali

  •  Niger

  •  Mauritania

  •  Western Sahara

Ownership and management                            

ZAMUNDA Group is a private company registered with its headoffice in Namibia as of 2007.

The major shareholders are always to be found as the TOP-10 executive board of directors within the company, which constantly ensures that the values and quality in the company are in focus.

Strong but solid business development based on longterm relationship has been a proven part of our success.


Copyright 2007 ZAMUNDA